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Hey all. i am currently trying to generate revenue to build my private training business and in doing that trying to amass a decent sum of funds to start a very large online venture...

now i figure i will start doing a bit of affiliate marketing to help with this here are a few options i am considering:

1. to build a word press blog and use it as a review site and a base of operations. this site would double as a review for MULTIPLE Products to promote through click bank AS WELL AS a way for me to begin building a taargeted opt in list.

to promote this i will begin with article marketin, social book marking, SEO, blog posts, and eventually PPC

2. build one base blog from this blog link to separate one page opt -in / review sites for each different product.

to promote this i would do basically the same...

anyone here currently promoting affiliate products with success have an opinion?
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    If I were you I'll have 2 separate blogs. 1 as a review site, and the other to blog about the products. This way visitors will be able to compare between products featured on the review site easily.
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    Where are you going to be getting your traffic?
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    yes i was leaning more towards that... do you think having a double goal here (trying to get a list AND sell a product) will hurt me or help me?
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    I don't think by building a list on the review site will hurt. At least if the visitors don't buy the products, they might subscribe to your list. Just make sure you have something valuable to give them. You can also notify them with latest addition to the review site.

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