Pretty WSO's <---- Be Careful And Test...

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I've long had a suspicion that part of what made WSO's so powerful was the "lack" of hypey looking images of cash and so forth..

If you are aching to start using design in your WSO's I'd advise you to figure out a way to may just be killing your sales.

Could be wrong...just thinking out loud...
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    Thanks Allen.

    that is a very good point.

    If it aint broke dont try to fix it!

    good insight

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      I think this exactly true Allen,

      Since images are now allowed,

      people are going to make their WSO's like some minisite,

      packed with huge graphics,

      headers, footers, order now buttons, bullets,

      and all that.

      What they don't realize is that this could ruin their post and

      actually make it look Uglier.
      < (Guess What This Does.)
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    A heads up if I ever seen one, from the man with experience.
    Good call Allen.
    I can see the WSO could get out of control with all the distracting graphics and the competition of who has the best graphics and straying from the actual value of the product itself. Not to mention the flashing ads that could show up.

    Unless of coarse, one is selling a graphics related product.
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      Not all that long ago, WSO's were often 2-3 paragraphs just telling you what the product was and giving the price.

      You had to check often because it wasn't unusual for a WSO to sell out and close in a few hours. Many top marketers releasing a new product would offer it to Warriors for a short time as a WSO. I got some great deals that way on very popular ebooks and software.

      Gradually, the trend has been full sales pages for WSO's - often leading to second sales pages on the seller's site. I've purchased a couple WSO reports that weren't much longer than the sales page

      Currently, if a WSO page doesn't tell me what the product is and what it does in the first 2-3 paragraphs, I just move on. I doubt I'm alone in that.

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    What happens when you make the WSO look too polished is it looses some of it's "insider appeal."

    I try to include only a simple header with my logo at the top of my WSO, an image of what I'm selling (since it's usually a review site, an image helps here), and my pen signature at the bottom.

    To further illustrate the point- My first WSO was setup to go to a crummy looking html page, put together in minutes with basically three different order buttons. Conversion rate on that was around 25%. That same WSO, after rerouting it to my new, more polished site suitable for non-forum traffic as well, dropped to about 5%.

    I really think it was because people thought it lost some of that "insider appeal" I mentioned earlier. I doubt many were congiscent of that, but it no doubt happened.
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    I'd advise you to figure out a way to test
    This is THE million dollar problem with a WSO.

    The only way to perform a definitive test is the ability to control all of the variables.

    Everything else is pure speculation.

    Allen, I'd love for you to share some ideas on how you would go about doing testing in the WSO section.

    This is actually the topic of a report I'm working on to publish in the War Room...I've titled it "Are You Out Of Control"...which covers the lack of definitive testing that goes on within most of the IM community.

    The only way (as of right now, without some type of software implementation) to really test a WSO is to create a WSO listing with only a Title and a single link within the WSO to a landing page that can have all of the variables controlled.

    (Note: I have no idea if this is against WSO policy...)

    This limits the uncontrollable variables to just 1.


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