Do You Think Video Squeeze Pages SUCK, Like The Gurus Say?

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Yeah, they suck visitors into your sales funnel! At least that's what I keap hearing.

So, I'm going to make me some video squeeze pages myself. But first I would like to hear from other warriors:

- How do you like your video squeeze pages?
- Just video + an optin form?
- Both video + text + optin form?
- What is the maximum lenght of a video squeeze page that you have made or seen?
- Should the optin form be placed side-by-side with the video above the fold?

If some of you would show some examples of video squeeze pages, that would be very nice.

But please state your reason for liking it, or, most preferable, approximately how well it converts.

Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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  • Profile picture of the author ValleyArch

    As a quick video for the opt-in that's fine. As a sales page I have got to say it's really beginning to annoy me. Sitting there for half an hour looking at people's clickbank receipts endlessly before they get to th epoint of what they're selling.

    On an opt-in page that's fine, but at least let me know how long the video is before I subject myself to it.

    To sum up, I prefer the choice: video and text

  • Profile picture of the author onlinemarketer
    yes it is annoying in a salespage, you have to read all of the stuff then watch a video, it takes time lol

    its better to use it in small pages like opt-in or squeeze page
  • Profile picture of the author MommyEnterprises
    Sometimes they annoy me! Unless it is something I am really interested in...
  • Profile picture of the author Bruce NewMedia
    What I am noticing is a very recent trend to videos that cannot be sped up.

    ..another words, no controls on the screen. You either watch the WHOLE THING or nothing. I'm assuming this has been tested, but without the visitor knowing how long it will last, its hard to think many don't just exit the page.

    Video is fine, but having a text page also may appeal to more folks.
  • Profile picture of the author write-stuff
    Not sure what the complaints are with video. People don't have to watch it if they don't want to.
    • Profile picture of the author Eric Lorence
      Depends entirely on the marketer, message, and video quality.

      Here is a great example of an effective video (Not Affiliated):

      4 "Magic" Questions for Niche Success
    • Profile picture of the author Pete Egeler
      Originally Posted by write-stuff View Post

      Not sure what the complaints are with video. People don't have to watch it if they don't want to.
      There are more and more pages where you HAVE to watch the video if you want to know what the heck is going on. You simply don't have a choice.

      This may just be me, but I'm really getting fed up with the idea of video this, and video that.
      I don't want to be locked into having to watch a video. I'd much rather be able to read the material, take my time and highlight the points of importance or interest to me, and go back to it as needed.

      Matter of fact, I signed up for a course last night. Got into it and found out I had to watch a video, then take a test, then move on. Dropped out at once.

  • Profile picture of the author write-stuff
    Hey there, Eric. I live between Alpharetta and Cumming - we're almost neighbors. Anyway, I did look at that link but found it not my style. So as they say, it all depends.
    • Profile picture of the author Eric Lorence
      Welcome neighbor!

      Yes, I can see how many would disagree, it is more of a "Soft Sell', but it does seem to convey trust.

      Kind of refreshing compared to all the endless CB account videos.

      Another marketer I like to watch their video's is Lee McEntyre (Hope I spelled it right).

  • Profile picture of the author Adam Kenzington
    Hey Bjarne,

    Video is OK if kept under 2 minutes and only starts playing if I hit the play button (give me a pause button, too). I would want some text, also, with a strong call to action.

    If you can do all that AND keep the Name & E-mail form above the fold, all the better.

    If you can't, then I would have the Name & E-mail form off to one side of the video & text, above the fold. And I would have it again at the bottom of the page, after the text.

    Cover the bases,

  • Profile picture of the author indexphp
    Marketing is about communication. Video allows for you to hear tone of voice, see body movements, and all the other things that affect "communication".

    Video opt-in's [and on sales pages] are where it's at. Video + Text
  • Profile picture of the author Stephen Dillon
    I think Video squeeze pages done right can be very effective.

    Must be short, must capture your interest and most of all must make you curious enough to opt-in! if they do not do this they are worse than a standard squeeze page.


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