Best Bum Marketing Method?

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Hi folks,

I'm about to embark on a bum marketing campaign as an experiment to prove to myself that it works.

I understand the principles of keyword research, article writing, Ezinearticles etc. I've been doing that for a while now :-)

What I'm looking for is some advice from experienced "bums" on the best approach to take.

When I'm directing traffic would I be better send it to:

1. A presell page for the product itself.

2. A 5 - 10 page content site on the same topic with affiliate links for the product in the body text.

3. A 2 -3 page "review" style site (Conduit method style).

4. Redirect from the domain directly to the product landing page.

Which of these would the experienced "bums" consider to be the most profitable?

I know building a list is important too btw.

Thanks in advance guys :-)

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    It depends on "who" your audience is and what is going on in their head.

    They leave clues by what they type in the keyword phrases.


    A presell page about the product itself would work great for people typing in
    a product name keyword.

    Someone typing in 'best acne treatment for adults' would be perfect for a review page.

    Someone typing in 'homeschooling' should be put on your list.

    Make any sense?

    All the methods you listed are wonderful

    You just have to match the 'tool to the job'.

    A review of 3 Adwords products to a person
    that types in 'Best Home Business Opportunities'
    is like trying to nail a board together with a screwdriver.

    My very best 'Bums' think about the people first
    and then match the tactic.

    Rooting For Ya,
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      Hey Travis,

      Long time listener and fan but first time poster :-) I couldn't have asked for an answer from a better "bum" really could I? lol Technically you're King of Bums no?

      Your answer sums it all up really. I was approaching it from the angle of "what's most profitable" instead of looking at the visitor first. Makes perfect sense dude!

      Thanks for the reply - much appreciated!

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    I am a big fan of review style websites. It provides an "authoritative" suggestion to potential buyers. Along with my preference of using the review style, I like to keep my landing pages short and simple, while being effective at the same time.

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