EzineArticles are just weird sometimes

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I submitted an article for a client a few days back, he insisted on the following key phrases used at a 3%-5% density:

defence personal (when the heck would this key phrase appear in normal English?)
weapons defence

Both of those were VERY hard to work into a flowing article with good grammar and readability, I had to take extreme liberties with punctuation and suchlike. I seriously expected them to be thrown out. I mean this article had terrible punctuation and very questionable grammar.

Did EZA sniff at this?


Yet they throw out other articles for bad use of line breaks and such forth.

I seriously think they are now employing monkeys, and depending upon the mood of the particular monkey at the time they review your article it either gets accepted or not.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
    First of all, when a client asks for an article and then insists on a keyword
    phrase to be included that can't possibly be done in any decently written
    article, you MUST lay down the law. You tell them that the article will sound
    like sh*t and make you come off as a no nothing in your field, thus making
    the article worthless.

    If they still insist, turn down the assignment.

    Ask any copywriter what they do with clients like yours.
    • Profile picture of the author Mac Wheeler
      Trust me Steve, I told this guy that I really did not think EZA would accept the article in the form it was written to include these key phrases, but he was paying top dollar and said give it a try, so what the heck? Payment was not based upon the article being accepted by EZA, so I had nothing to lose.

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