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There is a topic I really love, astronomical telescopes and finally I have found a company that has an affiliate program. This company sells telescopes and accessories under its own brand name.
It's obvious that I won't make loads of money in this field, because the market for telescopes is small and the commission paid to affiliates are around 10%.

Now, I've been thinking hard about what would be the right approach and strategy for promoting the products of this company? Since I know quite a lot about scopes I figured I could set up a blog and just write about telescopes and various accessories. It would mainly be a news, review and instructional blog. I really want it to provide value for those who are in the market for a telescope.

But how do I blend marketing into this blog without scaring my visitors off? Besides putting an ad or two in the sidebar, is there an effective and ethical way to blend affiliate links into my content?
If I only write about this particular company's telescopes then my visitors would see me as someone who's only out for the money and would leave my site very fast. Also, my blog wouldn't have much value as I only focus on one company which would be a very narrow view of the astro gear market.
On the other hand, if I diversify too much, my affiliate earnings might suffer.

So, I am looking for the ideal strategy.

It would be easier if more companies had affiliate programs for selling telescopes, but this is not the case. So how do you go about affiliate marketing when you only have one company's products to promote, but still want your blog to cover a boarder spectrum of the market and provide real value for your visitors?

Thanks a lot!
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    Take your time and establish yourself as an expert. People will trust you and take your advice.
    Down the road you may find the competitors of your affiliates will contact you and offer a deal too.

    Good luck
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    Sorry if this sounds stupid but are there different types of telescopes other than for
    astronomy? Or does one type do it all?

    It seems (without knowing anything) that this must be a hobby with an audience, could you target different types such as telescopes for kids, beginners, mobile, top-of-the-line, commercial, professional etc? Maybe a blog page/section for different types.

    Hopes this helps.
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      Well, there are different types of telescopes, I am only familiar with those used for astronomy. Even astronomical telescopes come in many flavours. I would like to target begginers and those who haven't had their own scope yet, but are considering getting one.

      My main dilemma is: this company, while being one of the most recognized, is only one of many selling astronomical equipment. This means only a small portion of my post would deal with this company's products, which further means only a few of my post would have an affiliate links.
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    Don't overlook other things that amateur astronomers might want to click on: links to magazines (Sky & Telescope), flashlights with red lenses, jackets (it gets cold at night), charts, astronomy software, etc...
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      While there is no 100% guarantee of success regarding affiliate marketing, this report will provide a great affiliate marketing plan that will offer you the chance for success.

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    I read recently that as of late August, Google has removed the 3 adsense units per page limit and replaced it with a policy that has no specific limit but which requires that the amount of ads not exceed the amount of content. Is anyone familiar with this and can anyone suggest how best to implement this.