How to get your book published

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First of all if anyone has any questions about book publishing I'd be happy to answer them, just post here.

Second I have updated and revised our ebook, The Publishing Primer: An Author's Guide to Success and need someone to go through it for me and click each link to make sure it works. In exchange you get a free copy of the book.

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    I would love a WSO on how to write/publish on Kindle.
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    Anyone wanting to get a book published has a specific learning curve to ascend. Learn the difference between vanity and "real" publishing. Learn about submittal letters to agents (and learn when you need an agent and when you don't). But before all of that, make sure you can write. For that, I'd recommend Noah Lukeman's book "The First Five Pages".

    Rules for writers:
    (1) Don't write about yourself.
    (2) Avoid adjectives and adverbs like the plague.
    (3) Understand the concept of "point of view".
    (4) Don't believe the praise you'll receive from friends and family.
    (5) Read a lot of successful books.
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    I'll read it Dee

    I've had 27 books published, and ghost written a pile of ebooks

    I'd be interested in giving you a good point of view
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    Hi Dee,

    I'll test all the links.

    George Wright
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    Yes, count me in, too. I'd be happy to run thru and check your links.

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