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Hi, I've been doing alot of thinking on what sort of IM or products I could create and have come up with an idea. Im from a multimedia background and so I have pretty much at least experienced the majority of the media world in some way or form.
I will soon be doing a masters degree in design , the course will set me back £3K so I was thinking of providing all the tips and tricks of design that I learn for less money that you would spend on a night out.

I am not too sure on what kind of market there is for this kind of thing so I would like to get some suggestions and comments from those who have been in the game longer than me ( i guess that means all of you ).

Is there a big enough market for me to put the effort into creating such a product. My main aim is to get people to work a little more on aesthetics and easy of use from a design point of view to create effective looking products and also try and earn some cash to cover the costs of the course fee.

From your point of view, am I about to drive into a brick wall with no airbags?
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    I'm not sure if your market is viable or not (although my guess would be it is), but there are a few ways to get a handle that question.

    • Go to a keyword tool, and see what kind of volume search terms related to your product have. A couple good ones are WordTracker and SEOTools. -No affiliate links there.
    • Go to Google's AdWords tool. Type in some of the keywords you came up with and see how much advertisers are paying for those keywords. Higher prices generally mean there is money to be made in that niche, or people wouldn't be paying for traffic.
    • Go to affiliate sites like Clickbank (No affiliate link there) and search for related products. See how many there are, how sales are doing.
    • Once you find related Clickbank products, go to CBTrends (No affiliate link there) and type in them in. They will show you how each product is trending, as well as some other useful information.
    • Actually look into similar products and get an idea of price points, USPs (unique selling points), etc.

    There are a ton of additional ways to gauge whether or not a market is viable, these are just a few. Good luck!
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      Thank you for your informative reply. I will look into the point mentioned and see if i should go for it. Thank you.

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