Please help me understand why people buy Private Label Rights articles?

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I’m writing in the context of using PLR articles for website contents. Most PLR ebooks I have read recommend rewriting PLR articles in order to avoid Google from sandboxing the website as having the same contents as other websites.

Since I have to rewrite the articles anyway, why don’t I just go to EzineArticles and grab some of those high quality articles and rewrite them instead? What’s the point of buying PLR articles then?

Am I missing something?:confused:

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    PLR articles have many uses other that website content. Create an ebook with a dozen or more related articles. Use a set of 30 or more for an autoresponder series that contain affiliate links. Use them for off-line purposes. Rebrand them and resell the PLR rights. All of these options have no search engine consequenses.
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    Hi Chris,

    I guess the point is that most people are looking for instant solutions that don't require a lot of work so they simply don't re-write the content.

    There are loads of guides out there on how to use PLR content to make unique content but I would bet that most people just simply publish the items 'as-is'.

    BTW - I'm just as guilty of this lazy approach to PLR as anyone elese!

    Best regards
    Dave Ovenden
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    I've never heard of Google "sandboxing" a site just for using plr articles.

    One benefit of a plr article is that the subject has already been researched, usually from several sources, and therefore requires less alteration than just taking a single article from a directory.

    With good quality plr (and that is the key), you'll avoid any risk of plagiarism accusations and if the plr is a limited release, there'll be few, if any, similar articles elsewhere.

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      PLR articles can be a valuable time-saving content option. The research is done, the writing is done; all that is left for you to do is to re-write them with at least a 30% revision. That is the purpose of PLR.

      Copying articles from Ezine Articles and doing the same with them is kind of like stealing someone's work from them. The difference - PLR articles are created to be re-written; Ezine Articles submission are not meant to be re-written.
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    Thank you all for clarifying the use of PLR articles. I understand now that there is value in purchasing PLR articles.

    I will start looking into purchasing high quality PLR articles. I will also check out the Rhodes Brothers products as suggested by Steven.



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