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There have been a number of threads recently with lots of detailed information about writing articles, particularly for article directories. I wanted to make a short post about a specific item that may get lost in the longer write-ups because I think it is one of the largest factors in how much traffic you will get.

Your article title is possibly THE most important part of the article. It has two parts to it: the part for the search engines, and the part for people. Make SURE that you get both of those pieces into each and every title.

Let's say you do some research in your niche and find that "Taming Wild Animals" has lots of results and little competition - great. So you crank out your article with that title and post it to EZA. It may end up ranking well for your keyword, but you forgot that once it's in the listing, you need people to click it. So add in the second part of the title: "Taming Wild Animals - The Easy Way, With 75% Few Scratches and Bites".

The google part is to get you ranked well, the other is to get people that SEE your result to click on it.
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    It is essential to include your keyword in your article in my opinion. I'm sure lots of other people will agree. Without this you're going to have a VERY difficult time getting ranked in the search engines. Plus people are more likely to click your title when they see the keyword or term they searched for.

    The rest of the title depends on your title writing skills!
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    It is a good idea to have an attractive title in your article. It is also a good idea to have those keywords in the article too.

    I know what I am talking about here and can prove it. I have written 180 articles and got about 30,000 impressions and LOTS of clicks on my articles that are on my Ezinearticles profile.

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    Are there advantages to putting the article on your own site versus only submitting them to article directories?

    I have a high pagerank site, and I have found this worked a lot better for me in many cases, but I am a little more fortunate in the pagerank department.
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    Ben, you offer some excellent advice. When looking at a list of articles, the title is the most critical element for a person to click through and read it. Nice job!

    Michael Cruz
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    Hey dvduval,

    This is the best way to go. Look at how I have done this and it allowed MY website sub domain to be listed too:

    5 Easy Steps to Earning an Income on the Internet

    Now, if you take the title and do a search for it on Google, you will be able to see that article itself on Google's search and you will be able to see my sub-domain too.

    5 Easy Steps to Earning An Income On The Internet

    Does that make sense?

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      I agree Ben

      The headline is almost everything.

      the rest of your writing is irrelevant without a great headline. The reason is that it will never get read unless the headline grabs the attention in the first place. I always put the keyword in the headline as well although this can be a challenge sometimes
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    Why do you think products are packaged in brightly colored nicely shaped packages? If the title doesn't stop you from moving on, you are not going to get any traffic.


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