"Bookmark Us" button. Have you ever click on 'em?

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Hi again folks,

I was thinking of putting a "Bookmark Us" button on my site, but not too sure.

Me myself almost never hit any "Bookmark Us" button on other people's site.
If I like a site, I click on "Add Bookmarks" on Firefox (or Add to Favorites on IE), instead of clicking on the bookmark us button.

So, please share your experience; do you find that "Bookmark Us" button is useful? do you click on 'em everytime you find an interesting site?

I just don't want to add an extra button on my site, if nobody clicking it

Thanks for sharing,
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    I don't do it on every site I find interesting, but I'm sure I have used the bookmark button here and there. For my own sites, I figure it couldn't hurt much to add a bookmark button just on the off chance that someone does use it. Might as well increase my chances of repeat visitors any way I can.
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      If i like the site and want to come back to it, i bookmark it.

      Right now I have like almost 100 sites bookmarked...

      That should give you and answer.

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