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I have some posts on my Warrior Blog, and I saved a couple more as drafts. I am having trouble now publishing the drafts. I can get them as the list, but they do not publish when I click on the title as instructed. Any clues?
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    Hi Kerry,

    I think when you click on the title of the draft there will be a spot down near the bottom that you need to check to publish now - instead of being saved as a draft. Look for somewhere down there that you can make sure you have checked the right box.

    Hope this helps you!

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    Go to the blog you want to publish. Click the little pencil at the bottom. (edit icon) you will see the edit box.

    Look for the drop down window. It will say something like "save as draft" open the window and choose publish now. Click Save.

    You're published.

    George Wright
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      Thank you both very much. I knew it would be staring right at me. I will now send your replies to the Help Desk, who couldn't work it out either. They suggested I put it to the Forum and Voila!


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