Forex Marketing Methods Available?

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I'm looking for a way to advertise my Forex trading room opportunity.
It seems most Forex websites ad space are 90% consumed by the brokers with huge budgets.

If anyone has experience advertising Forex stuff I'd be very interested in your input or anyone with marketing options available.

Thank you.
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    Start a Wordpress blog about Forex. Download the software from, then upload to your own domain - it'll give you more features than using the free .com platform. This is pretty simple to do if you're good with basic programming or web design, otherwise this can be outsourced for relatively cheap to anyone in the Warriors for Hire section.

    Set your blog up with 5-10 posts of quality information, monetize with a banner, Adsense (optional) and an opt-in form if you're building a list (which if you're not, I highly recommend you do).

    Set up an RSS feed for your blog to submit to all the RSS directories, and submit your blog to all the blog directories. Keep updating your blog and your website should get more exposure. Good luck!
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    Thanks, I'll do that.
    I'm also looking at some fast paid stuff too if anyone knows any Forex related networks, etc, etc.
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    yeah marketing 101 basics do not cut it. I mean "write articles, get RSS feeds, do some PPC" hardly helps.

    So what was your plan? How did you plan to get customers? you basically have to either do PPC (MEGA expensive in forex) SEO....(there goes at least 12 months time and money) and/or look for places to adertise where they are already getting high numbers of your cusotmers. Banenr ads, ezine ads to forex traders. Not cheap. Not easy.
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    You're exactly right... The PPC is way too expensive, the SEO is very time consuming.
    My traffic right now is entirely from Forex sites I've been "lucky" on that get decent traffic and offer affordable advertising options. Quite a pain indeed!
    That's why I'm looking for any good options, etc.

    I have not been too lucky on ezine ads though.. not found any. Anyone?

    Thank you sloanjim.
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    For PPC, you may want to try the alternatives to google. I've used yahoo with good results and they're not as strict as google. I haven't used MSN/Bing, but I hear they're good. The other one I've used is Miva, also with good result (
    I also just created a forex blog, so I don't have much traffic yet, but let me know if I can be of help. I may be interested in your trading room opportunity as well.

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    I forgot the mention banner ads. I use adtoll for that.
    I got good traffic from them, but low conversion rates.
    A big chunk of their traffic comes from outside the US (don't know if that matters for your product)

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    A blog, plus article marketing are probably your best bet. You drive traffic to your blog through your articles. I would suggest Hub Pages also, but not sure about TOS for forex on Hub Pages.
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    I've got two different programs to sell on investing and trading that I'm working on the same thing and running into the same problems
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    Yeah ... I forgot about Yahoo Answers. Probably a good plan to search for Forex questions and answer them. Don't be spammy or promotional, but you can direct them to a blog post after you've made a few really informative answers.
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    Another way of driving traffic is to get affiliates to do it for you. You may want to start looking for affiliates to get you traffic instead of looking for traffic all by yourself.

    I'll be interested to post one of your articles on my blog or write a review post about it. I'm also working on a low-priced ebook where I can include links to your site.

    Lastly, I went through your sales copy and I can offer a critique if you're interested.

    Good luck,
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    If you are not interested with SEO and PPC then you should better go with email marketing. This is the best way to get traffic but for this you need leads of emails where you will send your email.

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