Is Twitter really the best?

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I joined a bunch of social networking services at the same time. So now I plurk, I pownce, I brightkite, I tweet, and I facebook, and I friendfeed.

I put the most effort into building up a following on Twitter, and so far it has paid off hugely. So far, I haven't really knocked myself out on the other services, and i haven't seen much return - except for friendfeed which seems to be really good for SEO.

I'm curious - other than Twitter, is anyone having great success on any other social networking sites? As in, a lot of targeted customers, people regularly buying from you, etc.?
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    Stumble Upon is another site you can check out. =)

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    I have done a little stumbling - and not merely after an evening out (ha ha ha! oh, I funny) and actually, a friend stumbled my site and sent 145 people my way!
    What I like about Twitter is that you can talk about what you are doing, and have conversations with people.
    But I should look into stumble, it seems as if it has good potential for traffic.
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      Stumble traffic VERY rarely converts at any sort of reasonable rate for it to be worth my time...

      It is abused beyond comprehension..IMHO...



      p.s. Dana.. stumbling afta night
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    It was my high heels. Honest.

    Yes, I have heard that about traffic from Digg, Stumbleupon, Magnolia, Propeller, etc., that it can send a wave of traffic but that the traffic rarely converts. I found that to be true when I used those sites to send traffic to my adsense site.

    I'm just wondering if there are any other sites out there like Twitter - a conversational type of site - which are as popular and/or effective as Twitter.
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    Great article! And good search idea on your part. Clearly you're talented at ferreting things out on the web!
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    I have not yet checked out Blog Catalog. How does that work?
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    Dana, I have read a bit about creating Facebook Pages as being a worthwhile activity for marketers. Can't say any more than that because all I've done is figure out how to create a Facebook Page...
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    Digg creates a spike in traffic, stumble can create good long term traffic..mostly though to be honest it's just a backlink for me, i've yet to notice much real traffic.
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    Actually pretty much all of the social networking site traffic don't convert well... Twitter is by far the best out of all those sites (digg, SU, facebook) but nowhere near as effective as email marketing.
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    Originally Posted by Dana_W View Post

    I'm curious - other than Twitter, is anyone having great success on any other social networking sites? As in, a lot of targeted customers, people regularly buying from you, etc.?
    For me, the best ones are Twitter and StumbleUpon.

    Money.Power.Wisdom - A Beginner’s Guide to Getting More StumbleUpon Traffic

    To learn how Plurk can rock, ask Teeg (Twitter - @Teeg), who runs
    the blog - she's mastered Plurk, though I can't
    make much sense of the timeline and gave up after a few weeks.

    For marketing on Facebook, you need to follow the 'Pied Piper of
    Facebook', the one and only Mari Smith (Twitter - @marismith)

    FriendFeed is a nice aggregator, and I believe worth spending
    some time getting the hang of (or at least integrating into
    your social marketing strategy).

    BlogCatalog has brought in significant trickles of traffic to
    my blog, automatically (which is nice).

    The rest are social BOOKMARKING sites - which can drive a LOT
    of traffic (Sean Wu had a nice course out about it some years
    back, called "Tag and Ping".

    All success
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      I like Twitter for interacting with other marketers and customers. It's a fantastic place for networking. I use to keep up with anybody who does an @kevinriley, so I don't miss their Tweets.

      FaceBook leaves me cold. I just delete all the drinks, hugs, etc that come my way from there. One FBer has sent me so many drinks I would have gone through two livers already.

      StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, and a few others are great for sending traffic to my sites or videos.
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    i use digg and stumble.
    it enough for my traffic

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