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    It's great that this is working out for you although, You can not have a
    link in your Signature which isn't a website that you own.

    Also you can't promote affiliate products in your Signature either unless the
    link sends people to your site where your affiliate product/sales page

    Have a Great Day/Night!
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    This is off topic and marketing pitch to promote his aff link site. You can not put your affiliate site in signature and it's so fishy to do things like that in IM forum.

    We all know what you want to do... Behave yourself in this forum and try to contribute something...

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    Yes, they do work, and so do the ones that promise to send out the free gift cards too. It's just not worth the time and effort that you have to put into them.

    I did get my $1000 Gift Card (2 x $500 Amex) about a year after they were promised. I have another $500 that should have been here last November. I'm expecting it around the first of the year.
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      My nephew got a PS3 from one of those sites. It took him a few months though.
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      Kory - some of them work, some don't -- but they do love to hook up spyware on your machine - and some get your email around town pretty heavily, too.
      Even most of the better sites will sock you with spyware.... in the worst case scenario you can end up with keyloggers on in your registry.

      Just keep your security and detection on high if you are going to participate in those sites. If you feel you are receiving value, by all means have fun with it - but keep the security on high.
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    Sounds good, if you've got the time or keen and conscientious outsourcers, otherwise .. I think I'd rather find some other ways. Thanks Ill check it out.
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