I donated 20 bucks, geuss why?

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Exactly how does a WSO go from page 1 to being on page ten in in just a few hours?

Feel like I just gave 20 bucks away........for nothing.
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    The WSO forum is just that busy...
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    There's a thread on how to bump your WSO, did you read up on that?
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    Jeremy I waited until the bumps were done before listing a wso this morning. There were 19 there, and now they are all back in their original places.

    If you check on the first few pages, there are no bumped wso there. Some were bumped in that they had dropped to page 3, but are now on page 2 because the other bumped threads are no longer there.
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    There's the right times and the right days for posting WSO's I believe, but seems like your experience is a bit excessive.
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      My experience is excessive? I waited for 19 people to bump their wso before posting mine, and now those 19 wso have gone back to their original place. I haven't bumped one, just listed 1 so how come that is excessive?
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    Hey Jeremy and all,

    I just posted a thread asking Allen about it. The thread is here:


    Maybe he'll come in a tell us all so we hear it directly from him.

    It's very wierd indeed!


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