Stealth Redirect and EZA

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I have purchased several top level domains for my article marketing, which I set up as stealth redirect with my registrar and use in my resource box at EzineArticles, as per TOS.

For some strange reason, one of the URLs will not work as stealth redirect. Despite having it set up correctly with my registrar, whenever I type in the domain name, the affiliate URL breaks out of the stealth redirect, so that the long affiliate URL is shown in the address bar, not my domain name.

At first I thought the stealth redirect setting was not working properly and wrote to the registrar who tried to tweak it. It still didn't work.

So as a test, I set up that affiliate URL as the redirect under one of my other domain names that was working fine. Once again, this particular affiliate program's URL breaks out of the stealth mode, and is shown in full in the address bar.

So I have two questions:

1. Does anyone know why/how this website has been set up to disallow stealth redirect, or if this is even possible?

2. If I use my domain in my EzineArticles resource box, but when one clicks over to it, it switches to the long affiliate URL, will EZA still allow this link? Or must my top level domain be in stealth mode?

Thanks for any advice!

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  • Profile picture of the author Ricky Parker
    Why would you not at least send them to a small squeeze page first?

    Rather than a re-direct to an aff. link.

    And is this "stealth" redirection just iframing the site you are trying to redirect to?
  • Profile picture of the author Terry Hatfield
    If you are putting your top level domain in your ezine article resource box then there is no reason to stealth it. Just put it in and do your redirect. Ezinearticles has no problem with this.

    Also, I haven't found it to be a problem when people see the different url after they click through to the salespage.

  • Profile picture of the author csm
    Thanks, Terry, for confirming that this shouldn't be a problem either for EZA or visitors, although I like having my domain remain in the address bar.

    Ricky - I hear ya! Yes, I know all the reasons for squeeze pages, collecting names, etc. I just have a few products I really prefer to do this with, using my article as the pre-sell and then getting them right over to the merchant. It saves me time and that means I actually get my promotions up and running, and take action, rather than mucking about with landing pages. I don't do this exclusively, but just for some articles.

    I'm using the URL forwarding service of my registrar (000domains), which when I look at one of the domains where it works, appears to be a <frameset> and </frameset> command.

  • Profile picture of the author ChristianM
    They will just have some frame breakout code on their site - they are probably doing this to stop exactly what you are doing... Not sure why though.
    • Profile picture of the author Austin Delaney
      <script language="Javascript">
      if (top.location!= self.location) {
      top.location = self.location.href

      will break out of an iframe (stealth redirection)

      view the source of the vendors page to see if they have this in the <head> section.

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