Dot Info if Dot Com is taken?

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Shoot straight..

I'm looking at a domain name, but the .com version is taken. However, the .info TDL is still open.

Can the .info work? I'm wanting to move from blogger to a WP blog, as my blog is starting to pick up steam. (Than, all I've gotta do is figure out how to use WordPress.)

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    I second what Brian said, plus you will lose a significant amount of traffic to whoever owns the .com version. Whenever you buy a business domain that you will spend time and money on to promote, ALWAYS make it a .com. Why lose 30% or more of your prospects?
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    .info domains have a bad reputation. Always go with a .com .net or .org in that order. You will like wordpress it is easy to get rollling with it.
  • Profile picture of the author James Schramko
    you will be donating your brand to the .com site, remember:

    ... if you build it they will com...

    Only use .com
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    Thanks, folks. I hear ya loud & clear!

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    always .com you cant go wrong its important.

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