Struggling Warriors, Failure and a Time Machine!

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Okay, sorry for the attention seeking title, let's see if it works!

What has a time machine got to do with struggling and failing in business? Everything, here's why...

If you are a long time entrepreneur and still struggling to make anything work then it's time to evaluate yourself, not what you are doing but how you are doing it. If you had a time machine and could go back twenty years, you would be the first in at everything that's happened on the internet.

The sky would be the limit, google cash, arbitrage, penny clicks, all the links you could eat, hell you could even be the one who brings us Google. That's just the online stuff, nevermind the offline opportunities. Well, I hate to say it but most of you would still fail. That's not an insult, it's a lesson and it's not conclusive. Now here's the important part ...

Round up all the successful people, give 'em a time machine and it will make no difference. They could go forward or backward in time, most of them will still be successful. Success isn't about finding ideas, it's about making ideas happen! There's a big difference.

If you have been struggling for many years then think about that, it very probably applies to you and it very probably is the heart of your problem.

I'm not being arrogant, I'm also not rich but I know for a fact I could be if I really wanted to. It took me twenty or so years of being in business to figure this out and when I did it was the most valuable lesson I ever learned. Once you have TRULY figured it out, success becomes a choice, nothing else. Acting on that choice is the hard part.

Of course there is still luck, but luck isn't opportunity. Opportunities are guaranteed, luck isn't. Opportunity is here now, it will be there tomorrow, it will still be there in 100 years and it will always be in abundance.

Making a lot of money from internet marketing is entirely possible and the opportunities are there for all, no secret, not just for the benefit of an elite club. EVERYTHING you need to know is freely available, you can get every piece of information required to be successful without ever leaving this forum or spending a penny.

Stop seeking new methods, start analysing your old ones. Stop looking for ways to make money and start looking for the reasons why you aren't. Here's a tip, if you have been doing everything exactly how you have been told to do it and it still isn't working, then rest assured you aren't doing it exactly how you have been told!
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    I'd agree with much of that, but the last bit isn't necessarily true. There's so much in the way of misinformation and opinion presented as fact doing the rounds that I imagine there are plenty of people doing things exactly as they have been told and going nowhere, if not backwards. With or without a time machine, I expect many of the most successful people are those who don't take anything at face value.

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