Impressive Research Tool! a gift for my 200th Post!

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Hi y'all

Forums Report

Forums are a great way to learn the pulse of a lot of people. Through forums we learn what people need. What the current trends are whether in technology or any other areas of life.

Forums are varied from business, psychology to entertainment. In fact there are about 35K forums all over the internet.


Imagine to be able to tap into world wide consciousness. Being in a forum allows you to do this. In an instant you can know what people from different parts of the world need.

This is power when properly utilized. Through forums we can know the truth of events around the world not through the filtered lens of the news media but from real people from those places.


This can benefit us if we can capitalize on this. We all know that building profitable internet ventures require knowing what people want. This is called RESULTS DETERMINATION and in my opinion the forums are the best tool for this.

Actual Tool

As I mentioned earlier there are about 35 thousand forums all over the internet. To log in one by one to these forums will not do. By that process it will be a waste of time.

luckily earlier this morning while searching for ways to increase traffic I bumped into BOARDTRACKER.COM that's when I found out that there are about 35k forums in the internet. The good thing about the tool is that
we can monitor forum activities in a central location. We can even set parameters on what keywords we want to monitor out of the 35k +/- forums. This gives us a real time information on world wide consciousness.

There are other tools like this for sure and my advice is that if you know one use it. Having a central command center from which to spy on all the forums is an excellent thing. Remember information is power!

My bumping into this site feels like finding gold. Since this is my 200th post I thought maybe its good to share this. Also I just had my bday a day consider this my bday treat to all of you.

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    I'm on 200 as well Rapid.


    That boardtracker site looks very interesting so thanks for the heads up about it. i'm going to spend sometime there to see what forums there are for my big niches

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    Thanks Rapid,

    I was thinking about how many other forums were out there and how to tap into them, only the other day. You also brought up many points that I hadn't thought about nor would ever think about, if not for your post.

    Thanks again and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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      Something must be in the air. Had just posted that yesterday along with some others. I'm repeating the info here:

      Forum searching

      Google searches:

      1. keyword inurl:forum
      2. keyword inurl:board
      3. keyword inurl: phpbb
      4. keyword inurl:viewtopic


      Forum search sites:
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    Happy Birthday
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    I don't know why, but doesn't work for me.
    In the home page I made the search for ipad:

    "Want to know what people are talking about?" [ipad] (Search)
    And the answer was: "No results match your search parameters"

    Then I made several search with others keyphrases/subjects and no results, all of them without filters at all.

    ¿I have missing something in the operation of
    ¿Can somenone give me a hint about that?


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