Lazy Old Student Ready for master. Digg? Technorati? Furl?

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Hi All

"When the student is ready the master will appear." I'm ready.

I never cared about this before. Now that I'm Warrior Blogging I would like to know. I've already established in another thread that the WF Blogs get indexed in from a few minutes to a couple of hours. SO......

What "real" benifit is there to using the following in a blog?

Digg this Post!
Add Post to
Bookmark Post in Technorati
Furl this Post!

George Wright
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    Hi george!

    Nice to see you're all too excited about this. :-) Good for you mate!

    Bookmarks in Digg usually appears in google in 24 hours. So in terms of appearing in google, WF is enough, but you should still bookmark to reach a wider readership. A think lot of people monitors articles in DIGG so it will help with the traffic (This I haven't proven yet).

    As for the other bookmark service in my opinion its the same as DIGG, though it will help with the link, maybe will add additional boost to your blog's PR.
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      Hi George

      I guarantee that you will not get an answer to this question

      Sorry, what I mean is this. You will get answers but not a single one will make any sense. i speak as someone who has been trying to find out the answer for 3 months solid.

      The answer is either so secret that no one will let on OOOORRRR. no one wants to give the secret away.

      Good luck
  • Profile picture of the author George Wright
    This is getting ridiculous!!!!!!!

    You all know I just started this thread. I googled ... student ready for master .... student ready for master - Google Search
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    Hi Dee,

    The Blog rules are third down from the top on the main forum. They just say...

    "There is just one rule in regards to creating your own blog. Please don't make it one big advertisement.

    All blogs that are nothing but a 'test' or an 'ad' will be deleted. We will be pruning them on a regular basis.

    Help us keep the place clean, informative and free of junk ads.

    Thank you,


    George Wright
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      George, Wicked!

      Just saw the google results for this threads keyword, cool!!!!!

      I have some assumptions why it's "NO 1 out of 380K" but I guess I'll have to prove it first. It's not only because its warrior forum. There's something else.

      George I think you just stumbled on a gold mine! Lucky u.

      And one last thing, I think I should be thanking you instead!


      P.S. Look at the URL, I think it has something to do with it. :-)

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