Can any one help with this

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i have a review site and every now and then i get weirdb stuff conme through...

Can any one help advise me whats going on

Example Below

select: 2007

name: yoxzhhagkmj

visited country:

resort - visited:

hotel name: yoxzhhagkmj

board basis: Please Select

date travelled: Aug

tour operator: ErPLknkyNkA

rated - holiday: Marks Out Of 10

comments: ddlnFK <a href="">razcuzrphvuh</a>, wtyvhzdbbvdn, [link=]hqqxighjajos[/link],

recommended for other: ddlnFK <a href="">razcuzrphvuh</a>, wtyvhzdbbvdn, [link=]hqqxighjajos[/link],

other information: ddlnFK <a href="">razcuzrphvuh</a>, wtyvhzdbbvdn, [link=]hqqxighjajos[/link],

cost of holiday: £50-£100

submit: Submit
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  • Profile picture of the author Jesus Perez
    Your blog or CMS is getting spammed for backlinks. Make sure Akismet is working or implement a "Bad Behavior" plugin if it's available.
  • Profile picture of the author Sjcorp
    I get those too... Just ignore it.
  • Profile picture of the author Dan Grossman
    People write bots that crawl the web, looking for pages with forms on them. When they find a form, they post to it with links in all the fields hoping it'll result in being posted somewhere on the same site. Those links become potential backlinks and traffic for the bot author or people paying him for use of the bot.

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