Can any one help with this

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i have review site and i get weird stuff sent though can any one help and advise me what these guys below are trying to achive..

Example form submitted below

select: 2007

name: yoxzhhagkmj

visited country:

resort - visited:

hotel name: yoxzhhagkmj

board basis: Please Select

date travelled: Aug

tour operator: ErPLknkyNkA

rated - holiday: Marks Out Of 10

comments: ddlnFK <a href="">razcuzrphvuh</a>, wtyvhzdbbvdn, [link=]hqqxighjajos[/link],

recommended for other: ddlnFK <a href="">razcuzrphvuh</a>, wtyvhzdbbvdn, [link=]hqqxighjajos[/link],

other information: ddlnFK <a href="">razcuzrphvuh</a>, wtyvhzdbbvdn, [link=]hqqxighjajos[/link],

cost of holiday: £50-£100

submit: Submit
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    Press delete and move on
  • Profile picture of the author tommygadget
    My blog gets this garbage each and every day. Don't even waste another brain cell thinking about it.

    • Profile picture of the author webwyn
      On the surface of it I would think an attempt at SPAM, maybe even automated. However without all details it is difficult to ascertain exactly.

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