Warrior bloggers i need your help/ advice.

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I've just started a blog and was wondering what plug-ins the serious bloggers use? If its possible i would like the name of the plug-in and what function the plug-in does. Thanks in advance, Thomas.
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    It will really depend on what you are trying to achieve.

    Here is a list of the main ones and if you look to the right you will see them broken up into content, admin, money etc.

    Plugins | Blogging Empires Wordpress Training and Coaching

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    Yes, that depends on what you want your blog to be. For example, if you want it to be a review site, use SB_Review plugin. Here's a post on how to do that:
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      Thanks for your input Guys. The blog i'm working on will focus on creating a community. In the future i would like to add a forum to the blog. Initially i would like to rank high for certain keywords to generate exposure and traffic. Hope this helps.

      At the moment my blog doesn't have a site map. Do you think i should install one for the bots?
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    Definitely all-in-one seo and share this and the adsense plugin.

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    The "All-In-One SEO Pack" helps with setting meta tags for each page. Other than that, you shouldn't need any special plugins unless there are specific features you want to add that WordPress doesn't already have.

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