$47 or $97 What's the difference?

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What's the difference between charging $47 for a product and $97? I'm trying to figure out how much to charge for a product I'm putting on CB. My first CB product! !
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    I would say it depends on whether profit or buzz in more important.
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      Originally Posted by Kyle Tully View Post


      Nice answer kyle.
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    Opened this thread to say 50 bucks. Oh well, next time. I bet you're the guy who posts "first".

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    Pricing should be whatever nets you the most profit (although that may be short or long-term depending on your business model). There's a sweet spot here - too low and people will think your product's crap, too high and they can't afford it.

    That sweet spot is different for every market.

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    Originally Posted by mrsleep99 View Post

    What's the difference between charging $47 for a product and $97?
    Value and/or Strategy.
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    High value = high price
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      The differnce is in the number of people you target to have the product.
      The money is in the backend though.
      The differnce is a combination of lots
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      Depends on many things such as your goal, your niche, quality of product, targeted market, demand of market, etc. You need to know what do you want to attain.
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    Why does the price need to end with a 7? Why can't it be $43? Or something other than a 7?
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      Originally Posted by keithakin View Post

      Why does the price need to end with a 7? Why can't it be $43? Or something other than a 7?
      My guess is that stems back to Mark Joyner's original "Confidential Internet Marketing Intelligence Report", which he published several years ago. In the report, Joyner points to some testing he did that had the highest response with a price ending in 7.

      So many products have been priced that way since then that it's become the standard. People in the IM market niches have come to expect it the same way the rest of the population (at least in the USA) expects prices a few pennies under a break point. I.E. $9.99, $19.99, $49.99 etc.

      Joyner also had some test data about the best days to email certain things (like offers vs. information). I'll bet if most of us checked our inboxes, the days would be obvious...
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    7 is the perfect number... why don'y we use .99c and the like in IM ?
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    $47 or $97?
    I'd say go for $297 and be one of the 'top'

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      Well, all the comics here took the easy cop out answer of $50 so I'll put it
      this way.

      The difference is 5260.9425 Yen.

      All kidding aside, it's called perceived value.

      A person is likely to feel that a $97 product is going to give them more value
      than the $47 product.

      However, some people will be less likely to buy the $97 product because it
      is out of their price range and will go with the $47 one because they can
      afford it and will feel it will be good enough.

      It's kind of like the people who go to the supermarket and get the no frills
      brand of tissue instead of Kleanex because they fell it will be good enough
      and just can't afford the Kleanex.

      There's way too much psychology to get into in a forum post, but I will
      say this much...if you're going to price your product, take a look at what
      the competition is pricing their comparable products at. If they're all selling
      for around $47 and you decide to price yours at $97, you better show in
      your sales copy how your product is $50 better or you're not going to
      make many sales, if any at all.
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    Hey there mrsleep99,

    It's very hard to explain how you price your product as it depends of many factors such as how your think your product is really worth and how much do your think your targeted audience will pay for it. You can also price your product much higher then your competitors as it will make your product "look" as the higher end product of your niche.

    But here's something you should really keep in mind when your price your product and that is it's always harder to convince people to pay a higher dollar then a lower dollar. You should really price it depending on your advertising budget. (...Or not if your not going to pay for traffic)

    Also don't forget you can always charge $67 which is another key price point that has worked very well for many internet marketers.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your project!


    -Alex Kaplo
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    It depends of the niche, too. A lot of people come on
    the Copywriter's forum here and they have this ebook they
    want to sell for $47 or more and I can go on Amazon and
    find a REAL BOOK with a lot of favorable reviews for $20
    or less.

    So it becomes a real value proposition and a matter of
    positioning in the marketplace, too. If you can offer something
    as a bonus - related software for example - then you
    can really stand out in the marketplace - even if your
    actual info-product is inferior and less detailed than than
    popular REAL BOOK on the topic which might run 50-100,000
    words or more... a lot of writing and editing and usually
    the result of significant research.

    I don't want to confuse the issue... just be aware that
    people looking at your niche may or may not be as stupid
    as you think they are.

    Like a lot of things, it depends on the niche... and I totally
    recognize that even if your product offers amazing value
    and is affordable, affiliates are motivated by greed and they'll
    be more likely to promote the product that is more profitable
    to them.
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      Hello MrSleep99,

      Yup I agree with Steven.
      I am much more likely to look at a $47 dollar product & to compare it with similar products before deciding to buy it. Also I will look on this forum to see (2 things you're known to others, they have bought it) & if you have a WSO (cheaper offer, in exchange for a testimonial), before buying it.

      In addition I'm not fond of very expensive ebooks, vids etc.. products as I look at this way if I can get a paperback book from WHSmiths/Amazon for £5, a hardback for £15 a University/Technical book for £30 I sure as hell need to be convinced that $235 is worth it for something I have never seen or touched.
      I'm afraid outside the IM world that is perhaps how a lot of people seaching the net for information are going to look at it. Perhaps you can get away with those prices if
      A) You're a Guru
      B) Only producing products aimed at the IM market because the industry is already conditioned to expect it.

      Just my 2 cents worth hope it will help you decide.

      (Gotta laugh at my own rant!)

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    I think your best bet man is to test it our for yourself and see first hand what the result will be, you definitely CANNOT go wrong doing this...


    -Alex Kaplo
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      Something else to think about.

      Andrew said
      "For example for each 500 visitors
      you might sell 10 $47 products and make $470 in sales.
      Or you might sell 5 $97 products and take $485."

      but what you also have to think about is, if you have greater sales from the lower priced option, then you have a larger list of people who will be more receptive to future offers from you as they have already bought from you
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    I've certainly had the experience of buying something
    from a vendor and not being too impressed - feeling I
    overpaid for what I got... and in that case am I motivated
    to do business with the guy again?

    No. probably not. "Fool me once" - as they say.

    I sell some pricey stuff myself so I am the pot calling
    the kettle black here to some extent. I look at a lot
    of how this IM affiliate stuff is being done with these
    $97.oo ebooks and then I look at what Warrior Chris
    Rempel is doing with his good-as-gold ebook for
    $27.oo and do you think he's gotten me to buy other
    reports from him? Yes - because I felt I got good
    value for a fair price.

    I don't want to put him on a pedestal... I just think
    his approach is smart.
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    With the $97 for the product, you can make more money BUT your sales will go down because not many people will want to buy for such a high price.

    So I would go with the $47 because it will do much better.

    Now, should you want to increase the affiliate commission and give your affiliates more of the sale, you will make more money.

    Don't offer $20 commission for a $47 product because people will not sell it for that amount. If you give them $30+ then more and more people will sell and have your product on their website.


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