The economic climate and revenue Help needed

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Hi all,

I was just wondering whether any of you internet marketers have seen a drop in revenue due to the economical climate ?

As for me being a newbie who has just started working on a new site geared towards student discount I cannot really say whether it has affected me. I am currently relying on affiliate income and I have managed to earn a few coins here and there at the moment. But I am sure the coins will turn into notes if you consider buying from my site the next time you buy anything from Amazon.

Please help a newbie realise his dreams.

Thanks in advance
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    It is a fact that there is a drop in revenue due to economic climate.
    Nevertheless, we should not allow this to affect us in anyway.

    We should always focus and strive to achieve huge success in
    our Internet Marketing through the provision of better
    services and products.
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      Just the opposite. Advertisers are shifting more and more of their ad spend online instead of on traditional media to save money. Since a substantial part of my business is selling and reselling online ad space, it's grown with this transition.

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