Hello from Montreal, Canada

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Hi there,

Hope your having a wonderful day!...

I'm brand new here so be gentle , I've actually read a lot of posts here but I've never created myself an account, so the other day I created one for myself to really be part of the awesome community there is here.

I'll give you a little background on me, I'm currently 18 years old of age and have started "internet marketing" at the age of 16-17... I really started off as a freelancer taking jobs for graphics designs, logo designs, web designs, copywriting, custom website building, PPC advertisings, and all that good stuff.

I've actually quit doing all that about a year ago because I have been working on creating my own product which talks about all the different ways you can make money online (from eCommerce to Affiliate Marketing). It's been quite the journey creating your own product from scratch and it's
been taking a lot of my time but luckily it's only weeks now of being completly finished...

So this is me, I'm sure we will see each other around the forums now, and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or anything like that... I don't bite

Again guy's have a great day!


Alex Kaplo
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    Hi There,

    Welcome to the Warrior Forum.

    If you want tp ask anything on this forum than just post a thread and the warriors will reply to your thread and you would get one of the best advices ever on the net and friends.As all the Warriors here live like a family.and they are here when ever you need them.

    Enjoy your stay here!
    • Profile picture of the author AlexKaplo
      Wow, thanks man it means a lot!

      I love how the entire community here is almost like one BIG family and everyone is helping each other every single day. thanks again!


      Alex Kaplo
  • Profile picture of the author Bob Stovall
    Hi Alex,

    You've just joined the most generous community of marketers on the planet.


  • Profile picture of the author AlexKaplo
    Yeah definitely Bob,

    Most internet marketers use Warrior Forum as there main forum, and what a community it is! I'm really glad I'm here, thanks again for the comment Bob!


    -Alex Kaplo
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    Hey Alex,

    Sorry, but I am a little late here.

    I am from Toronto, Canada.

    Nice to see another Canadian here at the forum.

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    Hey Alex,

    Welcome to the forum from
    just a couple of hours west,
    in the Ottawa/Gatineau region!!

    Come back often and good luck
    with completing your project...
    Keep us posted!

    Regards, Pete
  • Profile picture of the author AlexKaplo
    Thanks a lot of the comment guy's!

    Yup I don't see too many Canadiens in this forum but it's sure nice to see few now!

    I will definitely keep you guy's posted on the project and I am even thinking of pre-launching it right here first for an exclusive irresistible price.

    Thanks again for the comments guy's it's very much appreciated!


    -Alex Kaplo
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    I live in Ottawa, downtown area (Sandy Hill). When you are ready to launch your product, let me know. Just PM me!

    Take care!
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    Also from around the Ottawa area - everyone thinks we're a government town, yet so many entrepreneurs. Must be the water!

  • Profile picture of the author kazmagic
    Hi Alex,

    I am from Aus and don't see many Aussies here either which is a shame.
    I am new to IM and even newer to Warrior Forum and I find both fascinating.
    Good luck with your product, I admire you for what you are undertaking

  • Profile picture of the author AlexKaplo
    Hey guy's,

    Thanks for all the posts it really mean's a lot! Thanks again


    -Alex Kaplo

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