Will I Lose Article Ranking If I Edit Article

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I need to redirect my articles to a different domain. I have some that are solidly on page 1. Will I lose my ranking if I edit the articles?

I was thinking about doing a redirect of the current domain to the new domain. If Google doesn't like my current domain (it wont re-index it) and I do a redirect, will it penalize my new domain also.
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    Google is funny when it comes to things like this. I would say there's a small chance you might lose your ranking but it is more likely if you actually change the content, not the URL in your links.
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      You should not lose your ranking if you change the content unless you change it enough to actually change the meaning/keyword usage of the article.

      I have had recent success with changing articles and watching them actually increase in ranking. Just use your common sense and try not to change the article TOO much.


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