HOw do you do facebook & blog connection?

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I learned from John Reese's Traffice Secrets 2.0,
there is a way to get your blog posts AUTOMATICALLY
posted to your facebook profile whenever you post....

is there a wordpress plugin for that?
or facebook plugin?
same thing for twitter...

do anyone do this...and if so, how do you set this up?

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  • Profile picture of the author Angela V. Edwards
    Maybe John showed you how in the materials. You might want to go back to that and see if he offers a way to do this.
  • Profile picture of the author Robert Plank
    Install the facebook app Twitter.

    Install the WP plugin Twitter Tools.

    That's it. WP posts will go to twitter and copy over to facebook.
  • Profile picture of the author Rachel Goodchild
    all I did was hit the rss feed and it appears on my facebook page.

    which is cool- cos I get lots of hits on it from there

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