What marketers have the best personal branding sites?

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I'm working to put together a very simple site about myself and finding it a surprisingly difficult task. You'd think that coming up with a few pages about yourself would be easy.

Anyway, wondering if you could toss out some examples of other marketers' sites that really stand out as top notch. I'm not talking about product sites, I'm talking about the sites that introduce the market and give you some idea of what they're about.
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    Hey Ben,

    I've come across the same problem. I bought myname.com and wanted to do a page or three about me, my beliefs, my likes, etc. and never got a "round tuit".

    I don't know much about graphics, building webpages, FTP, server stuff, etc. Once you figure this out, let me know the solution you decided to use.

    I feel that it is important with so many different people on the web selling stuff, to put ourselves out there and let our probably purchasers know that we are real people. And that we offer real value to the marketplace.

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