John Taylor is a couch potatoe

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John is house sitting for his son. He said he would have limited access to the internet. Week or so ago he was thinking about spending his offline time catching up on some reading. On the other hand it will be sweet when you login to your PayPal account and see all that money John

Jeffery 100% :-)
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    How weird is that Jeffery?

    I was just checking my sales log and during my time away
    from home I made 142 sales through PayPal and 51 through

    I did a lot of reading, quite a bit of research and preperation
    for a new product and enjoyed walks in the countryside with
    the 3 dogs!

    I managed to install a wireless router in my son's house while
    I was there so next time I'll have better access! LOL

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    You just couldn't survive the internet deprivation, could you Mr. Taylor?

    Internet marketing is wonderful. I LOVE going out for the day and coming home in the evening to find sales in my paypal account. I don't think I could survive a week without the internet though.
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      I can hardly sit still on a airplane without the net, lol.

      BTW, Your new pic is more than enough to keep me running back to the PC :-)

      Jeffery 100% :-)
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    So Dan Quayle was right - it is POTATOE! :p
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    That man was one heart attack/sniper shot away from being president. I still shudder to think.

    What a potatoe head.

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