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Can anyone enlighten me on any experience you've had with an Amazon aStore. I can see the pros and cons, pro, they can shop without leaving your site and that seems more credible and MAY lead to better conversions, con, you would be missing out on any additions to the cart on the entire amazon site should they decide to buy something other than what i'm pushing. Anyway, anyone with experience with an aStore, please, any feedback would be much appreciated. Also, if anyone knows if you can put an aStore on blogspot or if there are any platforms that won't accept an aStore. Thanks.
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    I personally do not think the aStore is a good idea. It has no SEO value, people won't be able to buy extra things they might find at Amazon, and aStores can quite easily fall out of date. Having targeted contextual links is definitely the way to go if you're using Amazon Associates.
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    I tried aStores back when I first started and had zero results with them. There's no point having hundreds of product links that no-one can find.

    You'll have more success creating a Wordpress site and writing ten unique articles on the top ten bestselling products within a specific niche. People will find that, and you will make sales.

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