HTML Question - How Do I Left Align An Amazon Product Link?

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This is probably an easy question for anyone who knows HTML but I've tried Google and couldn't find the answer.

I'm using Amazon product links, but I'd like to know how to left align them so that I can put text to the right. Could anyone tell me how to do this?

Thanks in advance
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    What Amazon link style are you using?
    Some can't be changed, some can.
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      Hi Hamida,

      In the html code try surrounding the amazon code with -

      <p align="left"> AMAZON LINK HERE </p>

      It might get complicated if you find that the left edge of the text 'hugs' the amazon link/pic too closely. Then you need to chuck each of them into a table with padding. But if you're using CSS it might get even more messy - if so, you'll need someone clever to come along to the thread and sort it out.
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    Create a class, define it in your style sheet, and place your Amazon code in the <div> tag.

    Wrap Text with CSS Box: Part II —

    explains the basic concept.

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