I need around 50 articles monthly, who should I hire?

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Hi Fellow Warriors,

I have several websites that I mainly promote using bum marketing. I'm very pleased with the results thus far, but am really tired of writing articles by myself.

I need a reliable ghostwriter who can create around 50-100 articles per month for me, at a reasonable cost ($5-$10 for a 400 word article.)

I did some research on Google, and found these guys:

Seo Article Writing Service

Has anyone used their services in the past? If yes, were you happy with the quality and did they deliver on time?

Also, I would really appreciate any personal experiences with freelance ghostwriters, or services like TextBroker, or other article writing services/companies.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions or experiences. Thanks.
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    I have not, but there are many warriors out there who can help you. I have an article writing wso as many other warriors do. I would start small with a bunch of different writers to see the variations in quality and delivery times. I am up to my eyeballs in work, but others I am sure are currently available.

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    Wonder how much our resident Steve Wag charges.
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    PM Sent - I can help you
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      Hi Little John,

      there's a new outfit in the UK who say they also have US content writers.

      I know a lot of Affiliates in GB are using them.

      They are called contentnow [.co.uk]

      Also they do longer term "packages" that sound like what you are looking for.

      Also ftr, the creator is long established and reputeable chap in the UK so you can be sure of one thing they will only provide you unique content and in a reliable fashion...

      Maybe take a look?


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      Originally Posted by asinGer View Post

      PM Sent - I can help you
      Thanks, I responded to your PM.
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    thanks a lot for all the comments and PMs, these are much appreciated.

    Following the advice, we're pre-screening around a dozen different writers at the moment, and will shortlist and pay 3-5 authors to create a couple of articles to test the quality before we make a bulk commitment.

    If anyone wants to throw their hat in the game, it's not too late yet, just PM me. URLs to sample writing, quotes and discounts on bulk orders if you offer any, are more than welcome.

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    Little John,

    You should hire me! check out my sig.
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    I'd be willing to do some work for you! Contact me if interested!

    P.S. @ getsmartt - I've got those articles coming your way very shortly!
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    Try the Warriors for Hire forum, you'll get article writers there.

    I've also found article writers in the WSO section but there's more PLR stuff than unique articles there - worth a look though.

    I've used mrsleep99 in the best and can recommend. There's been a few others but he's the one who springs to mind, and very reasonable.

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    You should hire me!

    This is why....

    I have been writing for several firms & private clients for the past year providing interesting articles, SEO content, book reviews, web forum & blog posts. I offer affordable rates and a fast turnaround for special projects or requests.

    As a rule of thumb, I charge $.02 per word for articles, with a 10% discount for all first time clients and any bulk orders over 10 articles. Add a penny per word for rush orders (24-48 hour).

    If you would like to see just a few samples of my work, please review my personal blog (link below my signature). I'll be happy to provide references as well.

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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    I can do it for you at $10 an article up to 600 words. Let me know if this will work for you.
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      If you want 50 articles monthly, I would be more than happy to work out a reasonable monthly retainer in return for 50 articles.

      I am also running a WSO for articles, if you prefer a one-time deal.
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    If you look around here you can find what you are lookin for. I would try and find may 3 or 4 writers that can provide what you are looking for and then try and assign the work in a manner that will keep them all working for you. This will allow you to continue to get content even if one has something come up, you still have 2 or 3 to fall back on.

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    If you cannot find anyone here at the WF you can check out need-an-article that do good work.

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    I have over 600 articles on EZA on several topics (many under pen names). I would be glad to write 50 a month for you, pm me for details, or see my sig.
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    For those answering, take a look the OP was in October, someone bumped this to get their self promotion seen

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