Are You Allowed To Use Affiliate links In Your WF Blog?

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Hi Guys,

Just a quick question to double check whether oyu are allowed affiliate links in your WF Blog?

I am guessing not as i put one in mine and had it removed, but thought that I would check anyway.

What about if you offer both?

1 normal link and 1 affiliate?

Thanks for your help in advance.

All the best

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    It's probably not a good idea.

    Just saying...

    • Profile picture of the author Alan Petersen
      According to Allen Says in the post below it's okay but there is a big caveat. Don't go crazy plastering affiliate links all over the place!

      The post:

      The quote:

      Originally Posted by Admin

      We have a couple people watching out for the blogs. Although it is sometimes hard
      to tell if they are only being to use to plaster ads.

      I don't say affiliate links can't be used in the blogs, but when they go overboard and every post
      is nothing but affiliate links it becomes obvious what they are doing and we delete them all.
      Hopefully folks respect that if not it will change and will be banned. Just use common sense. It's a blog not a billboard.
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    Why not do it the smart way and create a landing page?

    Build a list before sending people to an affiliate link...

    That way you don't even need to worry about the issue, and you get yourself some repeat traffic and customers...
  • Profile picture of the author onlinemarketer
    i think there are rooms here that allow to post affiliate links, not sure... but here its not a good idea as the forum might suspect you for a spam or something, better check the rules to make sure
  • Profile picture of the author tommygadget
    Allen is just trying to keep the forum from becoming a spamfest. There is so much pressure on the people here just trying to keep it clean. Even my blog which has much MUCH less traffic gets spammed constantly by porn spammers.

    • Profile picture of the author Allen Graves
      It probably has to do with HOW the blogpost is written.

      If it is written in a way where someone could even POSSIBLY think that you wrote it to sell that product, it's probably going to disappear.


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