Best Ebook font + size?

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What is the best font to use on free ebooks, which are to be passed around the net.

Especially onthe part which says,......."for more information click here" (the viral twist)

For your own viral twist fonts- "for more information click here" from your stats and optin rates, what methods work best for you?
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    My personal favorite is Calibri at size 14. It's a smaller font than others so 12 is a little too small for it.

    I find it to be a very easy font to read and after a lot of testing and playing around that's what I've settled on for my books.
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    I like Verdana size 12, but for something that I want to stand out, like "For More Information, Click Here" I might make it 14 or even 16. Also putting it in bold would help attract attention.

    Dee Ross
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    I personally like Verdana, 12 pt.

    14 pt is ok too, but if the font gets any bigger than that I always have to adjust the size of the PDF to be able to read it comfortably.
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    Arial font size 12 works for me. Single spacing comfortably fits around 350 words per page.
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    Hi guys! I'm just now (after 3 years!!) FINALLY getting around to writing my first eBook, so this forum is a wonderful wealth of info for me - I had the same question as "Entry" above, so thank you all for your input. I'm going to try a couple pages of Calibri, Verdana, and Arial and play around with it a little.

    Thanks again!
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    My personal favorite is Calibri at size 14. It's a smaller font than others so 12 is a little too small for it.
    I've only now tried this font and it looks very good. Aside from using it in .pdf files, does any Warrior know if it will function correctly in the usual range of browsers, if I were to use it in my text based newsletters?

    Thanks and Regards,
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    Personally I like Arial 14. If you are uploading to Document sharing
    sites then you may want it a tad bit bigger, but 14 should do just
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    It is all about how the text feels with your layout and graphics.

    You want to go with something that is easy to read.

    Here is an interesting, but dated article about it: Usability Tip: Select Easy-To-Read Fonts

    Since Calibri is the new Times New Roman for Microsoft Word, you can safely think of it whenever Times is listed in this article.

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    Calibri 14 is the best for me so far. It's perfect for reading on the screen. I find anything less to be hard to read for most (or at least my bad eyes).
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    In our opinion Times New Roman or Arial in a size 12 is the most commonly used and really customers like simple fonts more so than a crazy looking unique font. However, I would agree with a lot of replies on here that it is eye catching to use a bigger size and using the bold, italic, and underlined options..... but not all three at the same time . You don't want to over do it but when you get to your Click Here button you want a 14 or 16 font size in bold to really catch the customers eyes.

    Best of Luck!
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    Andy Fletcher wrote
    "Microsoft have spent a small fortune researching fonts for Office 2007. If Cambria (headings) and Calibri (body) are good enough for them they're definitely good enough for me. "
    on another WF post - Best font/size for ebook?
    Might pay to check it out as well.
    Allan and Dawn
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    I prefer Verdana 12 pt. It looks quite good and clear.
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    I've spent years in publishing both electronic and physical publications. There is one font that stands head shoulders above all others for me, and I use the SAME font for both e-book publishing and physical offline books:

    Minion Pro

    No other font comes close, IMO, to the comfortable readability, professional look, and elegance of Minion Pro
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    I go with 12pt Verdana, 1.5 spacing.
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    I should have read and considered this before i started my ebook, i think im going to go back and adjust it to make it better visually. Went with a raw approach
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    Verdana 12 (although I need to increase my spacing) and while I like Georgia and know it's good for reading I think Verdana is better. Michael Campbell has sent out some really good emails on font design and which ones are better for computer screens, print and road side signs (eg. Arial).


    P.S. Won't be telling my friends that last night I spent the evening on a forum discussing fonts...

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