How'd they do that...? instantvideoempire

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On this website:


They have this really kewl little radio thing going
on - it looks like an Ipod at the bottom - the
first one looks different. But when you push play
(as you would on youtube) - instead you *hear*, as you
would with an Ipod and I just love the Ipod graphic
and the way this is done.

Go look at it people ;} And I can not STAND those *talking people* that some have on sites - once this one was a bald guy cartoon face and he literally yells at you *HELLO!* and I nearly jump outta my skin. This is a choice; not a *scare the sh*t outta you* feature.

Can or would someone (maybe the owner) (nudge nudge)
explain to me (even pm me) how to do this as I am so
NOT into video but I really like this concept a
whole lot!

It just really *grabs* me.
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