Mofo Says There's Lots of Video Products - Where?

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I got an email from Jason Moffatt today about how there are a lot of video products out there--but I haven't seen any. I'm not trying to be a jerk but I'm working on a unique video product at the moment and I'm interested where these other products are? I honestly haven't come across one of them. (Unless they went over my head which is MORE than likely.) Can anyone tell me about any of the current popular video products?
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    I'm as clueless as you right now, I didn't think there were many video products at all!

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    VideoPLRMonthly for one - and lots like it -
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    Thanks Tim for those sites, I have been looking for this! Also, does anyone know where to go to get a unique video made?
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      depends on what you want. i have a couple of years of video editing and stuff...

      and jason was referring to video guides/products that tell you exactly how to make money with them and not just how to make them and where to upload them. How many products you saw that teached you what to say how to act etc..?
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    Are you asking about video tool suites, or products that have premade sales videos?

    TONS of tool suites, and a fair number of premade sales vids.

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