Long Articles VS Short Articles: No, no, not about that topic again

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Hi Warriors,

I've read about the pros and cons of long articles (1000+ words)
and short articles (250-400 words). Am I right about these?

Short Articles:
+ People friendly
+ Easy to write
+ Quick information

- Not so search engine friendly

Long Articles:
+ Search Engine Friendly
+ Excellent for blogs and sites
+ Can break down the large article and submit to directories
+ Requires a certain amount of knowledge/research into
the subject matter

- May not be people friendly due to large content

Is that about right? So if I have a huge, long article post that's
about 1000+ words and above, I should have that on my blog
or site instead of submitting to article directories.

Breaking apart that big article and sending it to the directories
in smaller portions will be allowed since it's not duplicate content
and it has the potential to bring in people from the article

Likewise, since you have the big article on your site, search
engines like it and you get organic rankings for it.

Thus, quite a win-win situation.

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    This is an interesting point Asher

    I am trying out some 800 word articles both in directories and on my most visited blog. I think there will be some merit for long articles if it really takes that long to say what you want to say.

    If you are stretching it out to make up the numbers then the human reader will not complete reading it.

    If you can hold you reader's attention for that long then you are probably a very good writer.
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      800 word articles are much better to write and submit than 250 worders. They rank higher and longer in the search engines, among other things.

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      Well, a long article may be able to hold the reader and that depends
      on 2 factors - the reader and the writer. It may not be that the writer's
      very good - the reader may be looking for an answer and willing to
      take the time to sift through all the data to get what he/she wants.

      There are times when I make a post and I realize that it's about 1000
      words long. Having heard about shorter posts being better, I promptly
      broke it down into smaller, bite size pieces.

      Now that I know a bit more about SEO (I'm still learning), I'm
      wondering about whether having long articles can be more significantly
      beneficial because you're drawing organic or search engine traffic
      directly to your site. The drawback about it is if you don't have a
      visitor base who are used to long posts from you, you might not
      be retaining them.

      Shorter posts and articles however, are more favored by some people
      because it's easier to digest. Thing is, since what I've learnt is to
      submit shorter, more compact, articles to article directories, they
      are more "people friendly" and thus, if my compact little article was
      good enough, the people who read it reward me by clicking on my
      URL link but provided that they have to go through a 4 step process
      instead of 2.
      Meaning: Search Engine > Article Directory > My Article > My Site
      whereas long articles that are more search engine friendly are:
      Search Engine > My Site


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