Are you an Internet Marketer?

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I know - that sounds like a stupid question to ask here of all places.

(maybe it is)


I've spoken to a few people lately who seem to define themselves by their IM actions.

I'm sure they know that they are not their actions and that IM is just a bunch of activities that may or may not apply to the business that you're in. But there does seem to be an ever-growing group of people who forget this and seem to think that IM is an end in itself and even more.... that it is them and they are it.

When someone asks me "who are you" - telling them about IM doesn't even come into my mind. Although I've been doing IM for 10 years and have spent a LOT of time on it, I have no concept that it defines me in any way.

I could say that "I do Internet Marketing".

Who am I - that's a different question for which my answer to seems to change over time.

Are you an Internet Marketer? or is it just something that you do?

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    I am a scientist at heart. I am an Internet Marketer to pay the bills.

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      I am a homeschooling Mom. That means I am a cook, maid, teacher, counselor, referee, chauffeur (probably spelled that wrong - too bad), bandager of boo-boos and about a million other things.

      And, in my free time (HA! What free time???), I do some IM. :rolleyes:
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      I am ...

      'infused with the wonder that is life' ..

      - an adventurer, a traveller, a wanderer and a wonderer
      - a student of life and love

      IM doesn't define me. In fact, I've yet to meet anything (or anyone) that could.
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    Funny, You asked if we are Internet marketers?

    Throughout the day I've been writing sales copy, posting to ads site. Reviewing possible good affiliate products to sell.

    That action defines Internet marketing.

    Who am I - This is a question that just can't be answered. This should be experienced.


    "Even the Buddha doesn't know"
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    I'm a nurse, back care specialist, mother, wife and grandmother (not particularly in that order)

    Oh and yeah I do IM in my spare time lol

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      It depends what time of the day you ask me... at any point in the day there is usually between 2 and 7 hours where I am an internet marketer... the rest of the time is none of your business


      I am a father, loving partner to my fiancee, and I just happen to be handy with some stuff on the internet that pays well...



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