Is there a live chat room to ask/interact?

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The message board is great, but, sometimes I need a step by step guide, and since phone conversations are probably impractical, what could we go to next?
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    If live chat is what you're after then maybe IRC is what you're looking for.

    I first used IRC way back in '95. It was cool then and it is still cool now, just not many people seem to know about it.

    It's free and also free to set up your own 'room'. It is even scriptable so that you can ban certain keywords, do temp or full bans of people (based on ip if needed) when certain rules have been violated.

    Allen could set up a 'room' for the WarriorForum members to interact in realtime and wouldn't even need to host the server himself.

    There are flash plugins that can represent the IRC interface on a webpage but I can't think of one off the top of my head right now. This just might make the WF more Web2.0ish.

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    Skype and Yahoo Messenger are great - -and free. How about something along those lines?
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    chatroom would be a good idea
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    a permanent IRC chat room would be very welcome, i've seen them dor eally well with forums like this. I kow i'd use it a lot.

    If no one else does it, i'll create one when i get home.
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    Shouldn't we be spending our time productively? Writing articles etc. instead of chatting :-)
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      Originally Posted by SaSeoPete View Post

      Shouldn't we be spending our time productively? Writing articles etc. instead of chatting :-)
      It depends upon whether you're just chatting or actually brainstorming. I'm part of two ongoing Skype groups, and they are great for bouncing ideas, getting opinions, finding answers, and sometimes digging up a real gem.
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    This forum has more than 20,000 members and more than 1,000 of them are online at any given time. I shudder to think what it would be like to moderate a forum in which only a fraction of these Alpha personalities were all vying for attention...and the security problems would be monumental.
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      I need a step by step guide
      There are quite a few step by step guides posted here and in the War Room - and more at

      But all the steps you are given won't help until you take them. You've asked about a product you created, about making money from a religious site, promoting an entertainer, making $10 in one day and about the possibilities of selling a $1 item.

      You got good advice on most of those topics - but what have you done to move these projects along? How much research have you done to see if the ideas are good or not?

      The ability to come up with ideas is great - but until you focus on one of them, learn to research the potential of it, and then do something about making it a reality - all the personal instruction in the world won't help.

      It's normal to be nervous about taking that first step and committing yourself to completing one project - but if you want to accomplish anything you have to follow through. The longer you procrastinate and jump from one idea to the next, the harder it is to get started. Once you work your way through one project from start to completion, it gets much easier. The project may fail - but you will learn along the way and will do better with the next one.

      In order to succeed at anything you must be willing to take a chance on failure. The only guarantee is that if you do nothing, you get nothing.

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    I already have plans to host a chat function with multiple "rooms" on There will be no charge. I, on the other hand, have to pay for it. If you folks want it and think you'll use it, I'll go ahead and get it operational.

    Chat rooms are great places for kicking back and wasting a little time, but they are also very effective places to meet up for quick discussions.

    Let me know. If you want, you shall have it. - Russ
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    There's no doubt that chat rooms get pretty chaotic with too many chatters. I use them on aviation sites and they work well until you get more than a half-dozen people.

    Still, I doubt that 500 people would be hanging out in the chat window. And if it does get too crowded, people can vacate to other rooms to continue their conversations.
    - Russ

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