Do you use Google Analytics?

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Just wondering how many people actually use Google Analytics, and how much value you feel you're getting out of it.
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    I do , it really gives me great control and help me evaluate everything so I could decide what really is working and what is not...
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    One thing I hear from a lot of my clients is that they are worried about Google being "Big Brother" and spying on them. I have to keep reassuring them that unless they are Microsoft, Google or and using analytics I would not worry about it.

    For myself and many of my clients it is an invaluable tool for tracking visitors and conversions but I do like to compare the numbers with a "Log" based statiistics package such as awstats or something similar.

    The 2 methods of gathering stats can produce wildy varying results. As such I use Google Analytics for trend analysis and conversion tracking and log based tools for accuracy of numbers.

    Just my 2 cents ....
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    It is great and I think it's perfect if not for the annoying referral views which does not include the exact page where the backlink came from (it only shows the domain of the referrer). Other than that, it's fantastic. It is by the way, Urchin stats, that was acquired by Google.

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