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    Hi Kory,

    There are many ways to do this. But most e-cover designers use Adobe Photoshop together with e-cover Photoshop Actions (some people call them action scripts).

    They use Photoshop to design the flat e-covers, and later convert them into 3d images using Actions.

    Look at my sig to get some free ecover actions.

    Fairuz Talib
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      Originally Posted by Fairuz Talib View Post

      Look at my sig to get some free ecover actions.
      Thank you!

      I have used your free ecover actions for my first project! I hope it will pay off, if it does I intend to come back for the paid version!

      It was an easy and simple process to create an ecover with these Photoshop actions!

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    I have personally found that it is much quicker and turns out better (in my case) to hire a graphic designer for this job. They are all over the place, usually around $47 for an ebook cover. is an awesome graphics resource!

    I use him personally and I have been nothing but highly impressed with his skills!

    P.S. I am not setting anyone's prices with the mention of $47 above. I have seen various different graphics designers prices posted on their sites and it seems that $47 is the going rate for ebook covers.

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