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Who else is using the Google AdWords API in a project? I have to say...I am pretty irritated with the results it displays versus the free AdWords keyword tool. Not to mention when you pay for API calls you expect to get search volume back like the web tool. Not the old 1 to 5 scale.

I am supposed to be talking to one of their programming guys tomorrow. Because I have been pitching a fit on the phone with their one guy that answers the phone for the API department.

But it often returns way too varried results. It doesn't have many of the abilities of the web based keyword tool. Plus you have to pay for these calls... Now the kind of calls I have to make in the overall formula of what I am doing uses up about 100 units. You pay $0.25 per 1000 units. Now if you start having a lot of people do a lot of keyword research it can definately add up. BUt if you are pulling garbage results or data that isn't even comparable to the free tool...that is bullshit. I imagine that is why Market Samurai is scraping the free keyword tool.

I basically told them...that what your saying is...You don't want me to scrape you to death but you don't want to give me proper data from a service I have to pay for? Basically they are leading me down the road where I have to scrape the hell out of them using multiple proxies through PHP. So they are like well your not supposed to scrape us...I said you won't be able to stop it and your basically forcing me to do this. So that is when they say I have valid points and they will have one of their programmers call me Monday.

How the hell can you have no basis for a scale either? What I mean is I ask them ok so... you have a scale from 1 to 5. 1 being the lowest 5 being the highest.

So does 1 represent like under 1000 and 2 like under 5000 and 3 under 15000 or something and 5 being like 30000+

No...the reply I get back is they have no idea what it is based on. They don't think it is really based on anything exact? WTF? I do not understand what the hell that is supposed to mean?

You are saying basically that you are just making me pay to pull data that has no reasoning behind it?

My talks with them have had me smoking mad lately...
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    Hi zerofill,

    I never working with Google AdWords API just because it's a paid service.

    What I did to manage my AdWords campaign is to sniff and use a generic HTTP request to do everything.

    I also do a keyword research tool that get the volume from AdWords Keywords tool too but those time it's not a number yet. I do it by coding to parse out the keywords from HTTP response. It works well and I believe you can do this approach to get the 'number' out of the result.

    This approach is great because I don't have to pay Google. :-)

    Seree W.
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      seree...yeah that is called scraping...I already do that often with serps etc...I mentioned that above. I was trying to do it the legit way by paying them because what I am doing and going to be delivering is not a free service.

      What I am pissed about is the fact that I am paying and they are basically forcing me to scrape anyway because they are returning bullshit to me for my requests. Atleast in my opinion...

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