Can you rebrand and sell open source software?

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- Can you sell open source software?

Sure, I've seen it done over and over...(people selling Open Office on eBay for instance)..

But I was wondering if you can perhaps re-brand the software under your own name?

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    It all depends on the license Open office has a gpl license. I believe you can re-brand it however the gpl has to remain with the re branded version.

    learn more here.
    The GNU General Public License - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
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      It depends...sometimes everything isn't gpl'd....BUT...remember if you make any source changes you have to release them to the community normally for that project.

      You need to read some of their specific information on their project. Re-branding it is basically taking credit for their work. Which can really piss them off and rightfully so.

      A lot of open source projects have forums etc....You need to speak with the authors of the software itself. They are normally pretty easy to reach.

      Because if you piss the wrong community off they will hunt you down on the internet lol...make your life a living hell.

      I have spent a lot of time in IRC channels for various open source projects....and let me tell you I have seen them rip many sites apart with bot nets etc for companies that want to take credit for their work.

      Open Office CDs being sold isn't rebranding it... They aren't taking credit for owning creating or publishing Open Office. They are just saving people with a slowass connection the annoyance of downloading it often times.

      Often you will find projects covered under the gpl that will say do whatever you want with those cases it is up to you.

      I have made forks to open source projects before...but I have always given credit back to the original authors and noted my changes or additions in a changelog.txt or README file...

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