Hey guys! New Here.. AdWords Question.

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I'm kinda new to the forum I was wondering something though, does anyone know a way they could find how much words are worth on Google AdWords?
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    Use Googles keyword tool.

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    There are some tools that could speculate it for you, but can be very inaccurate. Google Adwords determines the cost of your clicks based on your landing page and they have no way of determining it until you set one up and activate the campaign.

    All other tools attempt to speculate your bid price based on how many people are currently bidding, but just because there are zero competition, it doesn't mean you're going to be able to bid your keyword at $0.05 at all. It can still cost you a lot higher based on how you choose your Ad Group, landing page and other factors. Even if you think your landing page is perfectly relevant to the choice of keyword, Google can disagree.

    So in my experience, I just rely those tools to see how many competitions are around, but not to speculate my keyword cost.
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    use this, gives you arough idea how much people are paying per click
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      Takuya Hikichi nailed it.

      No tool is going to give you an accurate representation of your costs for keywords.

      You will need to set up your campaigns and run them for a while to see where your costs settle.

      Too many variables, and too many strategies that will produce different results to make estimating costs viable.

      This is one area where you need to get as much knowledge as you can going in, and then TEST, TRACK, and TWEEK until you get it right.

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    I use googles tool to see how much i am likely to pay to get on page 1 of google. All the other stuff about CTR and quality score will come into action.


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