Why use Commision Junction? A waste of time?

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A friend and I were planning on slowly building a new website.
And we want it to be something major!

I was thinking about Affiliate Programs and Commission Junction.

I am a member of Commission Junction, and by observing how that Company works, it is just really a big bunch of sites all joined into the referral program of CJ.

If those sites are affiliated to CJ, then you are affiliated to CJ, doesn't that may more of a loss of earnings for you?

The more programs involved, the less you earn.

Why not try to join other Companies directly?

eg, Join a Clothing Site's Affiliate program, Join an Automobile site's affiliate program, etc...

And make yourself your own list of Companies you are directly affiliated with.

Isn't this a more sensible way people?

If you are looking towards a lifelong business plan, isn't it smarter to try to set up direct partnerships yourself?

Rather than join a site that just harvests loads of sites together so that you can join easily?

I don't want a sum of my possible lifelong earnings to be drained every day...

Now I'm not at all saying that CJ isn't good!

It has tracking tools, secure payment methods, easy to join programs because they do the work for you, and that's about it!

I am not an enemy of CJ mind you
I have joined with them over a year ago, but since I would like to make a serious business, I think it would be wiser to make serious partnerships.

I'd really like to hear some feedback from you guys on this issue.

And please really read and try to understand what I have said, so that we don't waste time repeating the obvious points on, "Why you should Join CJ.com"

Thanks allot for your time and your input on this topic,
-Andrew Davis
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    I think the main draw of CJ is that they have a wide variety of choices all in one place.

    The problem I have is that alot of the good companies choose to go with a third party to run the affiliate program as they dont want to do it themselves or know how, so you would be more limited in finding good independent affiliate programs to join.

    Of course Im lazy in that respects and haven't looked real hard at finding independent run affiliate companies but it seems alot of the big names are hooked up with major affiliate networks and that would just leave you with the smaller fish, which isn't always a bad thing but it can be considering brand recognition and brand trust.

    just my thoughts
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      The other point is that CJ aggregates your earnings and pays you a lump sum.

      Having to control the reception of 10 dollars from here and from there would be complicated.

      OK, CJ take their cut on each transaction but they provide excellent service in return.

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    CJ worked great back in the day when I was using it. They were always reliable to have accurate reporting of sales. Sometimes CB can be questionable.
  • Profile picture of the author Dan Grossman
    The biggest affiliate programs in the world are run on Commission Junction's network. All the name brand retailers are there, as well as thousands of medium and smaller businesses. I make thousands a month in commissions there and have been paid every month consistently for over 6 years.
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    You can't sit around and wonder about if's and and's.
    You must take what is available and work with what
    you have. Once you start making bank with these
    affiliate networks/programs, you may be eligible for
    bonuses and you may possibly be able to negotiate
    better payouts. Don't fall into the trap of not doing
    anything because you think you might be cheated
    out of 25ยข
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    @ ahuddy

    When you say "CJ worked great back in the day when I was using it"

    Have you stopped using CJ?
    And do you mind saying why here? (If it is ok)
    And if you are still into online marketing, what do you use now?

    @ Monetize

    I think what you said makes allot of sense.

    It also is a task for those merchants to set up their own Affiliate programs.

    But I would think that a very large company would be able to manage this themselves.

    Because it would obviously cost them more to use a Third Party Network to do this work for them.

    But I guess it may work out the same way as having to pay Employees to do it for them...

    I that in such a situation it seems to make sense.

    But I know that Large Companies such as Nike, Addidas, etc... don't market through CJ now do they?

    I was surprised though to see that Yahoo is on CJ's list!

    @ Dan Grossman,

    What exactly do you mean by: "All the name brand retailers are there"

    Are these sites like Those major ones I mentioned above?

    I'll try to search better around CJ now, because I haven't found many very reputable companies (know worldwide) on CJ.

    I'll definitely try looking around allot more.

    I think what I may end up doing, is going both ways.

    Some partnerships through CJ, and some directly.

    But any further input is still welcomed.

    Thanks allot for all the replies!

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    Andrew, I'll cut straight to the chase. Your best focus right now is getting the site up and running and getting traffic and rankings. As far as building relationships go, you are fooling yourself if you think major companies are going to waste time with an unknown with no traffic or track record. Also, with a company like CJ you can constantly swap offers to test and compare. Last, but not least, you don't need a collections manager to get your money.

    TomG. - None of this is based on me justifying my use of CJ.
  • Profile picture of the author Bishop81
    When you do your search, make sure you check your filters. I searched for hours before I realized that I was only searching areas that were available in the Phillipines for some reason.

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