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As the title says, I'm looking for a very accomplished copywriter for a corporate gig. It would probably start out with 20-30 pages and could turn into a regular monthly thing.

This isn't generating articles for directory submission, so your work will need to be polished and professional. You'll need to be able to take some direction in terms of 'tone', dos and don'ts, etc. You'll need to be creative as well. Any experience in the food industry would be tremendously beneficial.

If you know someone that is heads above the crowd that might not see this, please ping them or let me know how to get a hold of them.

Quality is the name of the game.
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    Still looking. None of the best writers want the opportunity to showcase their work for a household brand name?
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      Originally Posted by Ben Roy View Post


      Still looking. None of the best writers want the opportunity to showcase their work for a household brand name?
      You do realize that a top class A copywriter will cost you AT LEAST $3,000 per gig don't you?
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    Do you have a budget that you are hoping to stick to? Because I have to say that I am extremely interested in the opportunity so far, but knowing the budget, the hoped for turnaround time, etc. would also help me decide whether or not I'd be able to take on the project (or know of anybody to reccommend). These details will also help you get more responses
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      Ben, I've been writing for over 30 years, but with such little info, I wouldn't
      even waste my time inquiring and no respectable writer worth his salt would

      If you want somebody serious about their profession, you need to give
      specific details on exactly what will be required and what your budget is.

      If you want professional, then that starts with YOUR presentation of the
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      hehe... Ben, is it possible that you need a writer and not a copywriter?

      the word copywriter is used specifically for someone writing sales letters, when you mention article directories, well, it looks like you are looking for a writer...:confused:

      For a well written sales letter, $3K is standard... I like the style of Erik Louviere, now he is beyond copywriting for what I heard... but maybe he has someone.

      For a good writer... why don't you contact Tiffany? the one of the 30 days article challenge? She might have someone.

      mmm it's getting late... this was fun, but better get ready. I have a visit...

      Ahhh... we were writing at the same time... so you need a writer.


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