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I am inspired by another post I just read so I thought I would post a similar request. Can you suggest a headline that is better than:

"You will learn how to make $500 a month or more over and over"
...using my step by step GPT Riches guide!

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    "I Wanna Show You How To Make At Least $500 A Month, Every Month"

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    It seems a bit confusing to me. Do I learn over and over, or do I make $500 a month over and over? I understand the wish to include "You" in the headline, but for me, I think this sounds better. Just MHO.

    Learn to Make $500 a Month, Every Month!

    My next question is are YOU using this technique and making $500 every month?
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      I'm not keen on the word 'learn' in a headline. It implies too much effort and doesn't emphasise the benefit, just the work involved.

      You can make an extra $500 a month, every month - for ever !

      If you can prove an average monthly income, you'd be able to say something like:

      I make an extra $513 every single month - you can too !

      Little more believable IMO


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