i want to buy a web site

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i want to buy a web site but feel a little anxious as i have not done this before .is there any thing i should look out for.
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    Wow, that is a huge question. What kind of website do you want, and what do you want to do with it?
    - Russ
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    Search for stuff like that over at www.SitePoint.com

    As far as being scammed, no one can help with that...scammers are crafty people.
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    Check out sitepoint. Compare the sites to each other, don't get hooked on the first one you see. By comparing them you can figure out which will work out best for the business you are exactly looking to run.
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    Also, another thing to check:

    Is the website you're looking at simply an affiliate site for the products?

    If so, make sure you're paying a reasonable rate.

    Most sites like this are just pre-built templates.

    The worth of those kind of sites is what kind of traffic, how much, etc., is coming.

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      Now Sedo not only allows sales of domain names
      but also sales of web sites.

      if you go to the site and look at the "buy domains"
      menu you'll find also the option "buy websites".

      You can look there, sedo is a marketplace with
      years of activity so the risks of scams should be
      lower than other less established places.

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    Most important things with buying a site is its traffic and the age of the site. You'll want to buy something in an established market, where the traffic coming in is most likely to stay consistent. You'll need to check the traffic logs (from something like awstats/google analytics) to actually verify where the traffic is coming from. Sellers usually lie about traffic and beef up earnings with AdWords or paid advertising so you need to know everything about how the site is actually getting its visitors.

    Also remember the longer a site has been around, the more it's worth. If a site has only been earning money for a few short months then you can usually sell for 10-12 times monthly revenue. Sites that have been around for several years with good content can be sold for up to 48 months worth of income.

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